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Ballarat Regional Finals – The Map

Here’s the map of the Busking Spots!
It’s going to be a beautiful day @
Ballarat Regional Finals
-The Australian National Busking Championships™
Come and give your support to your favourite performer.
It’s Free!
– Saturday 18th March 2017, endocrinologist Busking starts at 9am.
More Info:

Ballarat Buskers Map 2017

Noosa Regional Finals – The Australian National Busking Championships™

The Australian National Busking Championships™ regional finals are coming to Noosa Qld.

Busking heats on Saturday 10 June 2017

Finals Concert & Award Presentations Sunday 11 June 2017



A Great Day at the Busking! ANBC Cooma 2016

Wow, hepatitis what a great day! 161 musicians, 28 busking spots, all different genres of music (including a bagpipe band!) over $10,000 in cash prizes!
Rex Regional Airline flights. A whole lot of fun!
Here’s a list of winners:


See you all next year the first weekend of November 2017!

Links To All Our Regional Busking Competitions:

Here are a list of Our Regional Championships for 2017 so far:

*Stanthorpe Qld – Saturday 25th February 2017

*Ballarat Vic – Saturday 18th March 2017

*Narooma NSW – 27th May 2017

*Noosa Heads Qld – June 2017

*Regional Championship & National Grand Final – Cooma NSW – 4th November 2017

Waltons Bodhrans (Irish Drums)

Waltons Bodhrans Made in Ireland

Waltons Bodhrans Made in Ireland

Waltons Bodhran’s now come in a package with:

  •  Beater
  • Carry Bag
  • DVD Tutor

These Bodhran “Packs” come in 3 sizes:

  • 12″ bodhran pack $69.00
  • 15″ bodran pack $99.00
  • 18″ bodhran pack $119.00

18″ Bodhran Pack $119 each

 Also Available in 15″ Packs for $89 each:

15" Bodhran Packs for $89.00

15″ Bodhran Packs for $99.00 each


12″ Bodhran Packs $69 each

Waltons also make a premium range of Bodhran for professional players

Waltons also make a premium range of Bodhran for professional players (Turquoise unavailable)

DWM2480 Waltons 16″ Pro Bodhran. $149.00

  • 16″ 5 ply fine wood shell
  • Hand picked premium quality double goatskin head
  • Super grip handle.
  • Celtic embossed, visit this studded leather banding
  • Waltons brass logo plate and pro-beater
  • Ebony finish shell

DWM2487 Waltons 16″ Pro Bodhran. $149.00

  • as above but with 16″ aged oak shell

DWM2497  Waltons 18″ Pro Bodhran. $179.00

  • 18″ 5 ply fine wood shell
  • Hand picked premium quality double goatskin head
  • Super grip handle.
  • Celtic embossed, studded leather banding
  • Waltons brass logo plate and pro-beater
  • Aged oak finish shell (only finish now available – ebony & turquoise finishes discontinued)

DWM2417 Waltons 16″ Turnable Pro Bodhran. $229.00

Specially created by Waltons with the professional player in mind-the las word in tone, build and versatility!

  • Ultra reliable tuning mechanism
  • 16″ 5 ply fine wood shell
  • Hand picked premium quality double goatskin head
  • Super grip handle.
  • Celtic embossed, studded leather banding
  • Waltons brass logo plate and pro-beater
  • Aged oak shell

DWM2437 Waltons 18″ Turnable Pro Bodhran. $249.00

  • as above but 18″ aged oak shell

Available from:

Cooma School of Music
Shop 2, Parkview Arcade, 123 Sharp Street,
Cooma, NSW 2630
Phone: 02 6452 6067
Fax: 02 6452 4938

Over $10,000 in Cash Prizes to be won!

saab-in-blue-skyRecord Prize Pool!
This year we have $10, viagra approved  600 in cash prizes plus Rex Regional Express Airlines have donated 2 return flight tickets from Cooma to Sydney. This is valued at $862.40. Entries close this Saturday 29th October.

Check out the full List of Prizes here:


Entries close Saturday 29th October – Entry Forms here:


Australian National Busking Championships™ is looking to grow!

here sans-serif;”>Australian National Busking Championships

– A Unique Music Festival For Your Town


The Australian National Busking Championships (ANBC) is now in it’s 5th year. For the first four years the ANBC has been held exclusively in Cooma NSW, the picturesque and historic capital of Australia’s Snowy Mountains. We have thought of these early years as the first stage in the ANBC vision for the future.

The next stage now is to make this event a truly National Championship by holding Preliminary Championships in various regional towns around Australia. The winners from these regional events will be then invited to complete in the Grand Final back in Cooma on the first weekend in November of each year.

This event has been a great success from day one and as the years have gone by we have developed a template for this festival that we feel, can work in any town with the right kind support and know-how.

We have already had a wonderfully successful ANBC Preliminary Regional Final in Stanthrope, Queensland this year in February.

Stanthorpe Photo Album:

Stanthorpe Video Album:

A Unique Music Festival:

The Australian National Busking Championships™ is a different sort of music festival for Australia. Music festivals in Australia have typically been based on a particular style of music, e.g. Tamworth Country Music Festival, Woodford Folk Festival, Byron Bay Blues Festival. The ANBC is a celebration of all styles of music because the buskers that perform in this festival bring a huge variety of music to the event. Whether that be Blues, Jazz, Pop, Rock, Folk, Country, Bluegrass, Indigenous, Multicultural or Classical, the Australian National Busking Championships™ reflects the rich diversity of Australian music culture.

Tickets for most music festivals are expensive; in the ANBC all the street entertainment is provided free of charge. The audience can, of course, tip the busker but that is their choice. All this wonderful music is performed literally feet away from them.

Although there are buskers at many music festivals in Australia, busking is typically relegated to a fringe activity. However, in this festival the buskers take pride of place. This festival brings music back to the people, back to the streets.

How Does This Work?

The buskers are assigned special locations (Busking Hot Spots), at various times, around the central business district of the participating town. A timetable will be emailed to all the registered buskers. Roaming judges assess these performances during the day. The buskers get to choose how many sets they would like to perform and whether they would like to perform for the whole day or just at certain times. However, all buskers must be available to perform in the Preliminary Finals Concert at say, 5pm to be held in an open air venue such as the town park.

The prize-winners for the age categories will be selected by a panel of judges at the Preliminary Finals Concert. The Open Age Winner for each of these regional championships will be invited to go on to compete in the Grand Finals in Cooma.

A Worthwhile Community Event.

In Cooma, we have found that from it’s first year the Australian National Busking Championships™ has helped local not-for-profit groups raise money through fund raising activities on the day. Organisations such as the Cooma District Hospital Auxiliary, Cooma Rotary Club, Cooma Railway, 2MNO Community Radio, Cooma Swimming Club, St Patrick’s Parish School, to name a few, have raised thousands of dollars through this event. In fact, the main reason why the Australian National Busking Championships™ came into existence was through the wonderful work of the “Snowy Ride”. The ANBC was originally conceived to provide entertainment and fun for the 4,000 or so Snowy Riders as they pass through Cooma. Since it’s beginnings in 2001, this annual motorcycle event has raised over $5 million towards childhood cancer research. The Snowy Ride is organised by the Steven Walter Children’s Cancer Foundation. So we, at the Australian National Busking Championships™ are pleased to support the Snowy Ride. For more information about the Snowy Ride go to:

The ANBC has also generated a much needed financial boost to the businesses of our country town. Coffee shops, restaurants, hotels, motels, clubs, retail shops and service stations have all benefited over the years. For Cooma, the ANBC comes at a normally “lean time” well after the winter ski season and before the start of Christmas trading. To their credit, local businesses have got behind this event by generously sponsoring prizes for the winners of the Championships.

The Rotary Club Partnership.

In 2014, the Rotary Club of Cooma offered their assistance in running this community based event. Ever since, ANBC has gone from strength to strength. The ANBC committee sees this Rotary connection has vital to the continual growth of this great event.

The Australian National Busking Championships™ has the unique ability to provide significant benefits to the performers, the venue hosts, local businesses, community organisations and the general public. We hope you can join us in providing this wonderful event for your town. Celebrate with us, Australia’s rich and diverse music street culture!

More Links:

ANBC Stanthorpe 2016 – Video

ABC Radio National – Bush Telegraph – Busking Report


ANBC Cooma 2016 – 5th November – Regional Competition & National Grand Final

NOBBY ANDREWS 001ANBC Cooma 2016 will be a combined event. A Cooma Regional Competition plus National Grand Final on the same day (5th November).

The Grand Final which will contain invited finalists from ANBC Stanthorpe Regional Competition (which was held earlier this year in February) as well as finalists selected during day’s busking in Cooma. This will be the last such combined event.

In 2017 we are on track to have possibly 10 or more Regional Competitions. We will then have two events in Cooma – A Cooma Regional Competition and a National Grand Final also held in Cooma where finalists from all the 10 or so, more about Regional Competitions will compete for the major titles.

The two 2017 Cooma events will be held in Cooma at different times in the year. The Cooma Regional Competition will be held possibly in Autumn 2017 and the Grand Final will be later in the year in November 2017.


Why Busk?

Busking is so cool right now! And the Australian National Busking Championships is growing throughout the States of Australia with over 9 Regional Competitions planned for 2017.

Here are some of the benefits to the buskers that perform in Australian National Busking Championships:

Josh Maynard

Josh Maynard 

1. Anyone can be a busker – Beginners to professionals
2. Lots of prizes to go around – Multiple prizes for 3 age categories, pregnancy best band, sale and special judges awards.
3. All genres of music welcome – from country to blues, patient from folk to classical
4. Singers and instrumentalists welcome.
5. Non-musical street entertainers welcome
6. Solos, Duos, Trios and larger ensembles and choirs welcome.
7. All cash tips you make on the day are yours to keep
8. Sell your CDs and merchandise – no problems
9. Enjoy the attention and encouragement of large numbers of happy people  – they are there to enjoy the busking festival and your music.
10. 1st 2nd & 3rd  place getters of the age categories will automatically qualify to compete in the Grand Final in Cooma NSW
11. All the top performers will receive year-round promotion through our website and social media pages = gigs! Become part of an Australian wide celebration of Street Music.
12. Last but not least – it’s so much Fun! We’ve found in Cooma that many buskers have been coming back year after year, many travelling hundreds of miles. Prizes or no prizes!

Here are the Benefits to Music Teachers, Schools and Music Organizations:
1. The busking championships is a great motivator for students
2. A fun goal to aim towards
3. Building repertoire – buskers need to perfect at least 30 minutes of solid playing
4. Puts music on a bigger stage in your community – lifting its profile.
5. Builds interest in music
6. Keeps students interested and engaged
7. Attracts more people into studying and being involved in music.
8. It’s very cool.


The Bush Nutz rockin’ it out at ANBC Stanthorpe 2016