Nothing’s going to stop Darcy playing his guitar!

Where there's a will...

Where there's a will...

Darcy had a nasty cut to the tip of his right index finger.  But a little cut wasn’t going to stop Darcy from coming to his lesson and playing his guitar. So with a little help from Mum he taped a guitar pick to his index finger so he could still play his classical guitar pieces. How’s that for determination and ingenuity?

..there's a way!

..there's a way!

4 thoughts on “Nothing’s going to stop Darcy playing his guitar!

  1. Matthew Klein

    He obviously gets his pain thresh-hold from his mother.
    Mind you I don’t see how this would hurt any less than just holding it.

  2. Maree Klein

    Good on you, Darcy! You come from strong stock. And what an ingenious mother. Look forward to hearing you play one day…

  3. Cape Schanck Claytons

    Go Darcy! We would have liked some audio to go with the photos and,
    we want to know how injured you have to be before you get a night off!

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