Steve Carter-“Bredbo Boy” CD now available ($15)

Carter-"Bredbo Boy" CD now available ($15)

Carter-"Bredbo Boy" CD now available ($15)


  1. Waltzing Matilda (Trad B. Patterson)
  2. The Way It Is (L. Kernaghan)
  3. Bredbo Boy (S. Carter)
  4. Emmy Lou (S. Carter)
  5. Headin Up To Moree Again (S. Carter)
  6. Glenroy Boys (S. Carter/L. Kernaghan)
  7. Dianantina Drover (T. Egan)
  8. Selwyn (S. Carter)
  9. Banksia Rose (S. Carter)
  10. Big Wet (S. Carter)
  11. Rose Cottage (S. Carter)
  12. Good Tobacci (Slim Dusty)
  13. There’s A Rainbow Over the Rock (K. B. Wilson)
  14. Raining On The Rock (J. Williamson)
  15. You And My Guitar (J. Williamson)
  16. I’ll Always Be a Drover (J. Williamson)
  17. True Blue (J. Williamson)

2 thoughts on “Steve Carter-“Bredbo Boy” CD now available ($15)

  1. allan Post author

    Hi, I have one in stock for $15
    I can post it to you for extra $6 = $21
    You can pay by direct deposit
    Commonwealth Bank of Australia
    BSB: 062-523
    Account NO: 28000339
    or just call me on 02 6452 6067 with credit card details
    PS I also have “Home” ($15) & “Under the Covers” ($20) if want them there’s no extra postage

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