Ozzie Trax – Jindabyne Recording Studio & Live Performance

"Turning Point" at the Warwick Shadows Club, England Tour, February 2008.

Ozzie Trax is a Jindabyne based recording studio. They specialize in producing and selling their own CDs plus they produce  backing tracks to order.

They specialise in playing and recording instrumental music following in the traditions of famous groups like The Shadows, The Ventures, Duane Eddy and The Atlantics.

They also make and sell backing tracks for other musicians to use in their performances. They have a huge archive of backing tracks available; if you can’t find what you want on their website, please contact them and they will do their best to provide it from their archives – most things are possible.

They also perform as Turning Point with George Lewis (guitar) and Tony Kiek (keyboard) and are available for parties, shows or any occasions.

If you would like to book Turning Point you can contact them on 61 + (0)2 + 64571101. Or go to thi link: http://www.turningpointcd.com/page9.htm

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