Introducing The Monaro Flute Ensemble

Are you a flute player keen to play in a group but don’t feel confident enough to join an orchestra or band?

Do you enjoy Classical or Traditional music but can’t find a group that focuses on these genres?

Maybe you’d like to work on improving your technicalskills but prefer not to take private lessons?

The Monaro Flute Ensemble was designed specifically to fill in these gaps. We want everyone to enjoy the opportunity to play and learn about music in an encouraging group environment. We proudly specialize in reviving Classical music. Most of all, capsule we want to give people the chance to develop a lasting love for music at the sametime as developing techniques to make expression through music easier.

This ensemble is a group of flute players of diverse ages and skill levels who all share an enthusiasm for making music and sharing what they learn with others.

For more details please call Matthew Ventura on 6452 5262 or email:

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