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Guitar, The Australian Journey by Chris Johnson

Guitar, side effects the Australian Journey (Code: 9780980663372) $39.50

HERE IS THE FASCINATING STORY of the guitar in Australia. Chris describes luthiers, artists, collectors and guitar lovers. He ranges across all guitar styles including the variations of jazz, blues, classical, folk, country and rock, blending history, personal encounters, interviews, and travelogue. Interviews with guitar makers around the country and with Australian musicians are mixed with accounts of inspiring performances where the guitar has played a prominent role. Throughout this story Chris describes in beautiful detail how a guitar was made just for him.

Chris Johnson’s passion for the guitar shines through his writing and will connect with anyone who enjoys this most versatile instrument.

An audio CD also comes included with this book. This beautifully recorded CD features Australian guitarists and their guitars. Artists include:

  • Jeff Lang
  • Karin Schaupp
  • Willy Zygier
  • Bruce Mathiske
  • George Golla
  • David Ross Macdonald
  • Cary Lewincamp
  • Jim Matheas
  • Fred Pilcher
  • Fiona Boyes
  • Phil Emmanuel
  • Chris O’Connor
  • Dr Zot
  • Bruce Callaway
  • Jenny Spear
  • Chris Johnson

With a Foreword by Jeff Lang Guitar, the Australian Journey is now available from.

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Price: $39.50