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Brodie’s Back!

I can still play!

I can still play!

imgp1087Brodie was knocked off his bike by a car 3 weeks ago during the school holidays. He was badly hurt. He had a broken leg and ankle, website like this broken right wrist and knuckle, broken left hand thumb and lots of bruising. Luckily he was wearing a helmet; it was totally destroyed, but it protected his head.

Brodie just couldn’t wait to get back to guitar lessons. After he got the cast taken off his right wrist yesterday he wanted a guitar lesson so his mum wheeled him into the school today. Brodie couldn’t quite manage a full size guitar so we found a 1/4 size one he could play. Brodie is healing very quickly and he’s determined to get back to his standard of playing that he had before the accident. He even wants to play in the Cooma Music Competition on the 27th September. And don’t be surprised if you see him busking in Cooma soon!

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