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Christmas Café was a wonderful afternoon of music

Christmas Café was an afternoon of live music performed by the students and teachers at Cooma School of Music. The performers played very confidently in the relaxed atmosphere of the “Music Café”.

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The Ruby Everett & Family Bushdance was a great success!

Wow what a fun night that was! We had a fantastic band of over 15 musicians. We also had wonderful special performances from the Cooma Harmony Chorus, discount Numeralla Fingerplunkers, gerontologist Ned McPhie, Brodie Nossiter and Megan Williams. And thank you, Judith, Anna, Tina, Rowena, Kellie, Viki, Ross, Peter, Maxine, Dave, Rod, Paul and Lou for playing in our bush band. We’re also very grateful to all those helpers who so cheerfully helped with the set up, clean up, ticket selling, supper preparation and washing up! xox

The supper tables were also piled high with loads of wonderful food; so thanks to all those great cooks!

And very special thank you to Rev. Paul for donating the use of the Anglican Hall.

Also thank you Fran for the dance calling!

So, with everyone’s help we were able to raise $1,021.70 for Ruby Everett and her family… And, I think everyone had a fun night!

End of Year 2008 Student Concert Photos

The end of year student concert for 2008 was a fantastic success. On show were the students of Cooma School of Music and their teachers. I want to congratulate the performers for their efforts.

Here’s the concert programme. (PDF format)