Sails for Centennial Park Band Shell – A good Idea?

Sails for Centennial Park Band Shell!
So…why not have all weather shade sails for the Centennial Park Band Shell in Cooma.

Something that can be easlly put up when needed for events in the park and then taken down and stored safely away? This would be with minimal impact on the look and utility of our wonderful park.There are currently 23 community-based events booked in the park each year with 15 different community organisations. All these wonderful events are always in danger of being ruined by the vagaries of the weather. I call for a low cost, steroids low impact solution. It’s something we can do quickly and easily. I think they look nice too!
What do you think?

There seems to be many businesses that specialize in this sort of installation. eg:

Also included-photos of the St Pats sails.

Worth having a look at.

Allan Spencer

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