Music guides, pharm inspires, drugs creates and endures. It is central to who we are. Inextricably tied to humanity. Conquerors, zealots, warlords and idols since the dawn of civilisation have used its power to sway hearts and minds, to tap in to the spirit of the age, to own the world and to live forever.

Anyone can use this power. Whether you just want to be able to whip out an instrument at a party, or start a garage band with your friends, or hone your abilities to world-class perfection to master the most challenging works ever written, or transcend genres entirely to compose something the world has never heard before – you need just two things. Us, and practice.

For decades Cooma School of Music has been teaching you, from any age, in a dozen instruments. We recommend and sell the musical instruments, accessories and sheet music you need at the best price, with superlative expert customer service. And we have been organising and recommending concerts, competitions and events to inspire you, drive you, reward you and let you be discovered.

And now, we’re doing it online. Welcome to coomamusic.

This will be the beginning of something incredible.

That is, if you practice.
Cooma School of Music was established in 1984. Its primary focus has been to develop the music culture in the Monaro/Snowy Mountains region. To achieve this, drugs
we have concentrated on four primary areas:

Music Tuition, cheapest
 Concerts and Workshops, Competitions and Eisteddfods and Musical Instrument Sales and Service

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