Our Music Community-Live & Local

The Snowy Monaro region offers a rich and diverse array of musical talent. From Country to Classical – from Metal to Mozart, cialis 40mg just about every genre is played here in the Snowies.

One of the main aims of coomamusic is to support, encourage and promote these musicians of the Monaro.

Some groups  just play together for the sheer fun of it, others are full-time professional musicians.

For all of these wonderful people, music is an important, if not essential, part of their lives.

They deserve recognition and praise for their talents, and for the enormous joy they give to the greater community through their music.

Our Music Community is Live and Local!

Here’s some of our local musical organizations:

Here’s some local musicians & groups (click on the names for more info)

For Weddings:

There are other musicians available that I don’t have web pages for yet. They include:

  • Phil Horneman Jazz Band (3 or 4 piece)- Contact Phil 0401 624 138 or 6452 1255

For Other Occasions (Fund Raising, Christmas, Markets, Bush Dances etc):


Music For Life

Music communicates

Music brings communities together

Music brings confort (Cooma Harmony Chorus sing Christmas carols in the prison)

Music communicates

Music gives freely (A bushdance fund raiser to help out a friend)

Music touches our hearts

Music traditions are passed down

Music, a search for perfection

Music Rocks!

Music education is a lifelong gift

Music, finding your own voice

Music for the fun of it!


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