Jazz Train to Budapest – Jazz/Fusion Trio

Hello Allan and friends, here

My name is Andrew Szery and I would like to introduce you to our band … “JazzTrain to Budapest”. We are a home grown jazz fusion trio from the Bega Valley with a repertoire of songs ranging from classic 40’s covers, a selection of blues, and some original material. All treated with a tight bass, drums rhythm section, flowing vocals and guitar. I would ask you to take the time to put on your head phones, turn up the volume, and click on the link above and have a listen to “Train to Budapest”. Go to ‘wall’ and find three songs and for background on the band go to ‘info’. You can also find us on ‘YouTube’ … just type in ‘jazz train to Budapest’. We are not an expensive band to hire and we would like to perform at your place. Offer us a price … we are negotiable! Sometimes we have to stay over, that gets tricky and adds to the cost, other times we make it home before daylight! We are available at short notice for functions, weddings, parties and anything that requires jazz the “Train to Budapest “way. If you like our music and would like to discuss this further please contact me by:

Website: http://jazztraintobudapest.wordpress.com/

Email: ace.mac@bigpond.com

By Phone: 02649 30578. Mobile: 0413 23 22 81.


Original Music, Jazz Fusion, Classic 40s Covers.
Chris Ralfs … Bass
Jonathan Trevena (Trapper) … Drums
Andrew Szery … writer/vocals/guitar
Production and Arrangement … Train To Budapest
Bemboka NSW Australia
Record Label
3 Jazz men with one goal..to fill the gap between your ears with music.
Playing Classics in an intimate tight style with flowing vocals and guitar, flamboyant drumming/percussion with smooth elegant bass.
Original New Music that speaks of the modern world while it maintains its integrity in recognisable jazz arrangement and structure.
At times amusing, at times serious but always able to laugh at themselves Train to Budapest is certainly worth the ride.
Chris Ralfs .. no matter where you place him he sounds good. Everything from Rock to Avantgarde, a jazzman at heart. Plays fretless, Double bass, fretted bass and has been doing so for 40 yrs.
Jonathan Trevena (Trapper)… (‘trapper’ oxford dict: player of percussive instruments and drums). Has worked with the best of Australia’s musicians, Cirque du Soleil, toured 3 continents, wicked sense of humour but always the consummate professional performer.
Andrew Szery… singer/songwriter, jazz guitarist, vocalist. Has fronted for big bands and theatre. Lived and worked in Europe, performed/recorded solo from London to Linz, Hamburg to Rome, Bemboka to Sydney.
Current Location
Southeast Australia .. Bemboka NSW.
General Manager
Andrew Szery
Artists We Also Like
Woohoo Revue, Blacksea Gentlemen,Daniel Champagne,Salvation Jane Reunited,Pugsley Buzzard.
Many and varied. Wooton,Ellington, Lester,Fitzgerald,Manhattan Trans,Percy Mayfield,Benson Armitrading,Krall, Ten CC, Frank Zappa and many more.
Band Interests
When not playing music … building and constructon industry, farming, crane driver and a combined interest in old cars.
Press Contact
Andrew Szery ace.mac@bigpond.com or acemac6@bigpond.com
Booking Agent
Andrew Szery ph: Australia 02 64930578 mbl 0413232281

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