Doug Payne-Singer guitarist, Songwriter

Doug Payne

Doug Payne "coomadoug"

Doug Payne was born in Dubbo and grew up in country  NSW. He settled in Cooma, neurologist working for Snowy Hydro Ltd.

Doug is a prolific song writer. He has an  interest in the 70s kind of singer songwriter.

His songs reflect an intensely personal outlook of the joys, apoplectic loves, thumb humour, and sorrows of life that touch us all. He draws his inspiration from the things that really matter to him. Some songs even have a political message, such as “Sorry”.
Doug has developed a huge fan base on the internet. You can hear his music on MySpace; here’s the link :

Doug also has over 50 songs, (some songs are even covered by other artists) on YouTube:

His channel is “coomadoug”:

Some of his most popular videos are:

"Sinkers, Hooks and Things" Doug Payne's CD

"Sinkers, Hooks and Things" Doug Payne's CD

Doug’s music is available to buy from:

You can contact Doug:

Ph: (02) 6452 1919


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