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Alhambra Model Zero – A Great Student Guitar


The luthiers at the premier Spanish guitar making workshop,  Alhambra, website have just come out with a new student model classical guitar, the model zero.

Alhambra model zero. Made in Spain for just $399

Alhambra model zero. Made in Spain for just $499

This is a lovely matte finished full-sized classical guitar with a solid cedar top. It retails for the amazing price of just $499!

The previous entry point guitar in the Alhambra range was its glossy brother, the model 1C which retails for $699. That’s $200 more than the new model zero.

This new model zero is an amazing guitar for the price. It has a beautiful solid cedar top which gives it a full deep rich bass and a warm sustaining treble, plus there’s heaps of volume.

How can they do it for the price? Maybe they saved on the no-frills matte finish. Probably, but what a guitar! Made in Spain for $499. This is really going to upset the Chinese. The Spanish guitar makers are fighting back!


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