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At  Cooma School of Music our shop offers a complete music service to the community and we have strived to provide this service not only to our own students but also to schools, clinic
community groups and the general public. The music shop is often praised for its wide range of quality and affordable musical instruments and accessories.

We stock a wide range of brands and our range reflects the truly diverse musical styles and needs of our community.

We also have a very large range of print music.

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  1. Helen McLennan

    My name is Helen McLennan & from 23-29th March, I will be taking part in a fund-raising ride at Mila station, near Bombala. The charity we’ve all been supporting for the last six years, is for the Leukemia Foundation. A wonderful charity that provides very practical financial support for regional families afflicted with terrible lymphoma & blood disorders. If you live regionally, you or your family member needs to go to one of the big hospitals in Melbourne or Sydney for treatment. LF pays for accommodation, or cabs, or for mum or dad to accompany children with Leukemia.
    Just giving you a bit of background! We organise lots of fund-raising, fun activities through the week 7 for the last three years, my own band has come & played (free of course) for the riders on the last night of the ride. After a tough week camping & riding the sometimes rough terrain, riders are ready to let their hair down! Sadly, my band can’t make it this year, due to work commitments. I remembered your music shop when passing through Cooma last year, & thought that maybe, you’d know of a musician or band or duo who might like to entertain the troops on the last night 20th March, it’s a Friday. My band usually play pub rock & classical covers, but country music would be fine – anything that gets folks dancing. There’s no payment, as it’s for charity, but we can offer a fun, super keen audience, a meal & somewhere to pitch a tent, if anybody took the gig, & wanted to stay. Please contact me if you think anyone would like to help out & I can give more info. Many thanks for reading!
    Helen McLennan

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