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  • MHT-75 Martinez Chromatic Headstock Tuner $34.95

Martinez Chromatic Headstock Tuner MHT-75 $34.95

Martinez Chromatic Headstock Tuner MHT-75 $34.95

Always play in tune with this little chromatic tuner. It clips on to the headstock of your instrument or music stand allowing you to tune up in seconds. Works on all guitars, view
electric, acoustic, classical or bass. Features:

  • 3 Modes-Chromatic, Guitar & Bass

  • Backlit red panel, changes to blue when in tune!

  • Works great in low light and noisy environments (great for pub gigs)

  • Use either the piezo setting for instrument vibration or tiny built in microphone for audio application

  • Transposing function for F, Bb, Eb instruments (Clarinets, Trumpets, Saxophones etc)

  • Automatic power off after 5 minutes

  • Extremely Accurate and Fast (one of the fastest I’ve used)

  • Great for teachers  (If you’ve ever had to tune up 50 kids’ guitars for a school concert you would kill for one of these.  Better still, get the children to tune their own guitars. It’s that easy)

  • Takes one CR2032 coin cell Battery  (supplied)

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