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jupiter_saxLearning music is one of the most exciting things you or your child can do as music is a skill you keep for life. But how do you know which musical instrument is the best or which one you will enjoy the most?

Hiring an instrument with Cooma School of Music is a fantastic way to start!

Cooma School of Music have a range of  instruments that you can choose from at affordable rates. We offer flexible rent to buy options, so if you enjoy your instrument it can become yours for life!

Our philosophy is to assist parents, students and aspiring musicians to grow with music by providing affordable, quality student instruments and encouraging music participation. So why not start today!


Instrument Monthly Payments* Special conditions
Flute $30.00
Clarinet $30.00
Alto Saxophone $50.00
Tenor Saxophone $60.00
Trumpet $40.00
Trombone $40.00
Drum Kit $70.00
Classical Guitar (all sizes) $20.00 (No Administration Set-Up Fee)
Acoustic Steel String Guitar $25.00
Electric Guitar & Amp Pack $35.00
Bass Guitar & Amp Pack $40.00
Violin (all sizes) $30.00 (No Administration Set-Up Fee)
Viola $35.00
Cello $55.00
Electronic Keyboard (61 Keys) $30.00
Digital Piano (88 Keys) $60.00

* These prices are the minimum rates and may vary depending on the cost of the instrument. So more expensive instruments will cost more to rent.


  • There is an initial $30 administration set-up fee in addition to the first months rent payment.
  • Monthly payments are to be charged to a credit card (unless prior arrangement)
  • The minimum rental period is 3 months.
  • There is a purchase option after the first 3 months of rental. Half of the total monthly payments are credited to the purchase of the instrument. So half what you pay comes off the agreed value of the instrument.
  • The care of the instrument is the responsibility of the renter. All damage or lose of the instrument will be paid for by the renter. The renter may need to purchase consumables from time to time: for example reeds, strings, drum heads, drum sticks, and various cleaning or care products.

Available from:

Cooma School of Music
Shop 2, Parkview Arcade, 123 Sharp Street,
Cooma, NSW 2630
Phone: 02 6452 6067
Fax: 02 6452 4938

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