Ross Martin

Ross Martin contact: 0414 260 515

I first met Ross Martin several years ago at the Cooma Country Markets. He had a very impressive stall featuring a large variety of handmade wooden pieces. These included wooden boxes, gerontologist bowls, visit this spoons, viagra buy pens and mechanical pencils and much more of various shapes and sizes. Each piece was unique and made from a variety of native timbers. Ross took great delight in explaining not only the process of manufacture but also the various properties of the timbers. He obviously had an abiding love for these woods. He seemed to be speaking about them as if they were old friends. “This pen is made from a native cypress from my property. It’s light coloured yet it’s a hardwood. Here, smell that lovely peppery aroma. It naturally repels insects..”

Well since those days Ross has become very interested in playing music; he is a founding member of the Numeralla Fingerplunkers so naturally enough he’s now turned his hand to making and repairing instruments.

Ross is a gifted craftsman and here’s some of his work.

Justin’s Banjo:

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