Milena Cifali’s New CD “Continuum” ($25)

petewildcoverweb2Pete’s debut self titled album is hot off the press.

Recorded in the Bega Valley in six different studios with eighteen musicians over eight months, allergist pete wild is a collection of songs that tell an array of stories in a myriad of styles – bluegrass, rock, polka, broadway, epic-dirty-melancholic-folk ballads…

You can purchase this CD from Cooma School of Music. For more information go to:

(you can hear a few of these songs on pete’s myspace or facebook page)
cotinuum-milena-cifaliMilena takes us on a musical journey in time from 1530 through to the present.  This cd includes classical guitar solos as well as ensemble pieces that include: Andrew Harding (Didgeridoo), erectile
Cicilia Kemezys (Flute), oncologist
and Mark Norton (Guitar). This cd also features many wonderful original pieces written by Milena.

“Continuum” is available at Cooma School of Music for $25.00

You can hear some of the tracks on this cd by going to:

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