Australian National Busking Championships™- South East Queensland Regional Finals – Stanthorpe

Why am I so passionate about Australian National Busking Championships™
ANBC strives to reflect the wonderful diversity of music in our community. And it does this in an inclusive way.
All ages, life all genres, try all levels of skill, professionals and amateurs, solos, groups, people with disabilities, indigenous, multicultural.
This is why I’m so passionate about this project because it’s about all sorts of people playing and sharing their music in the community.

Here’s the results for ANBC 2015:

Prizes & Winners 2015

This years ANBC will be in Cooma on Saturday 5th November 2016. This event will include the Grand Finals for the whole of Australia.

Josh MaynardStanthorpe Queensland has been selected as the first township to host an Australian National Busking Championships™ (ANBC) Regional Finals.

ANBC Stanthorpe will be held on Saturday 27th February 2016 and during this event Stanthorpe will be the “Busking Capital” for the whole of the South East Queensland Region.

Winners from ANBC Stanthorpe will qualify to compete in the Grand Finals to be held in Cooma on 5th November 2016

ANBC Stanthorpe will be held in conjunction with the fabulous Stanthorpe Apple and Grape Harvest Festival.
– A festival within a festival!

1000_Mike_Martin_Australian National Busking Champion 2012Mike_MartinPRIZES

Over $5, abortion
000 in cash to be won!

  • Open (Adult) Section: $1, sickness
    000 – Open Champion, $300 – Second Place, $200 – Third Place
  • People’s Choice Award – $700 – Winner, $200 – Second Place, $100 – Third Place
  • Best Band Award ( for bands/groups of 3 or more) – $500 – Winner
  • Primary Section (for primary school students)- $300 – Winner, $200 – Second Place, $100 – Third Place
  • Secondary Section (for high school students)- $500 – Winner, $200 – Second Place, $100 – Third Place
  • Special Judges Awards – $200.00 – Special Award/s


After winning Open Champion at the Australian National Busking Championships™ Guyy (AKA Guy Lilleyman) lifted his profile and he was offered a tour of South Africa.

Check out Guyy:
For more information and Entry Forms contact Neil (Casey) O’Connor, Stanthorpe Rotary Club
– Email:

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