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ANBC Kilmore Regional Busking Championships 2021 17th April

After a hugely successful ANBC Stanthorpe Championships in Queensland, it’s now Kilmore in Victoria’s turn to shine!

The Entry Form (right click > “save as” to your computer > print > fill in your details > scan and return to : buskingkilmore@gmail.com)

Handy Info for Buskers

*Parking – You will find parking reasonably easily within a block on either side of Sydney Street (Melbourne Street & Patrick Street). Other spots include the Royal Oak Hotel car park, the rear of Finch’s Friendly Supermarket and behind the library at the corner of Bourke & Sydney Streets. If you have friends or family coming by car please advise them to use the overflow parking on East Street opposite the Kilmore Racing Club. A courtesy bus will be available running on a continuous loop between East Street and the town centre between 9.30 – 3.30pm

* Collect your lanyards from Busking Central at 39 Sydney Street from 9.00am. Wear/display your lanyards at all times while performing.

* Be prepared to transport your musical instruments to each location with a trolley or wheelbarrow.

* We strongly encourage all performers to use the pedestrian crossings when crossing the street. Sydney Street is a main highway and can be busy.

* Public toilets are located at the southern end of the performance area at Hudson Park. Most cafes & hotels will be happy for you to use their restrooms.

* Put your hat/guitar case out for busker tips $$ (you will be tipped with real

money too!). A separate bucket will be provided for “busking votes”. Make sure you have good signage out to advertise who you are and how to contact you. You could get the offer of a paid gig on the day.

* Spectators who like your performance may give you “busker votes”. These cost $1.00 each and are available for purchase at Busking Central or from the easily identifiable street marshals who will be roaming the street. The marshals will collect your busking votes after each performance to return to Busking Central. Votes will be tallied throughout the day and determine the top performer for each category in the People’s Choice Awards.

* It’s OK for you to sell your CD’s and/or promote a charity or cause you may raising funds for.

* Arrive and finish on time at each of your venues. You can set up beside the performers playing before you so you can use your full performance time and pack up when the next act begins.

* Three judges will be roaming throughout the day. Poor behaviour such as excessive volume impacting on neighbouring performers will result in you being marked down. Continued poor behaviour could result in disqualification.

* Buskers can hand in any uncollected Busker Votes to Busking Central, 39Sydney Street, to add to their tally. Please do this before 3.00pm.

Finals Concert:

You need to make your way to the John Kelly Pavilion at the Kilmore Racing Club in East Street by 3.45pm. Our Sound Tech, Mark, will be available from 2pm if you would like to rehearse & do sound checks prior to the Finals.

* Finalists for each category will be announced at the Finals Concert, starting at 4pm.

* When called – finalists should meet at the left side of the stage for further direction. You need your instrument/s with you – you will be playing in the concert. Sound equipment will be available to plug into & Mark will help you set up to perform.

* There are lots of awards to hand out – both large and small – so even if you’re not playing in the Finals Concert it’s a good idea to be there in case you win a smaller prize!

From all of us at buskingkilmore we hope you have a fantastic day!

Join our buskingkilmore group on facebook to advertise your forthcoming gigs and YouTube vids.

ANBC Noosa Regional Busking Championships 2019 – The Winners

The Inadequates – ANBC Noosa Open Champions 2019

Congratulations to all the winners at the ANBC Noosa Busking Championships 2019!
The standard of performance this year was outstanding!

Open Category:
Champion & 1st Place: The Inadequates -$2,000 sponsored by Hutchinson Builders
2nd Place: Niq Reefman – $700 sponsored by Bendigo Bank
3rd Place: Sooroheon Kim aka Cobb – $300 sponsored by Bendigo Bank

Secondary Category:
Champion & 1st Place: Finley Geach – $500 sponsored by Gympie Terrace Pty Ltd
2nd Place: Chandler Jay – $300 sponsored by Gympie Terrace Pty Ltd
3rd Place: Sari Abbott – $200 sponsored by Gympie Terrace Pty Ltd

Primary Category:
Champion & 1st Place: Emmagen Rain – $250 sponsored by Bank of Queensland – BOQ
2nd Place: Frank & Louis Martin – $150 sponsored by Gympie Terrace Pty Ltd
3rd Place: Kiana Jazz Smith – $100 sponsored by Gympie Terrace Pty Ltd

Band Award: The Sandflys – $500 sponsored by Arrow Wood Products

Special Judges Awards – $200 each:
– Novelty Award: Twinkie Nana aka Fiona & Viena Huang (sponsored by Boom Shankar)
– Male Vocal Award: Murray Lloyd (sponsored by East Coast Insurance Brokers)
– Rising Star Award: Jacob Clarke (sponsored by Noosaville Business Association)
– Female Vocal Award: Malia Stirling Music (sponsored by Noosa Boathouse)
– Country Vocal Award: Lily Grace Live (sponsored by Pelican Boat Hire Noosa)

Other Awards:
– JamPot Studios Award: Malia Stirling – 3 hour Recording
– Special Encouragement Award: Shayla & Zach – $100 sponsored by Allan Spencer

People Choice Awards: (all sponsored by Arrow Wood Products)
First Place: Lily Grace Live aka Lily Peters – $500
Second Place: The Inadequates – $300
Third Place: St Teresa’s Concert & Stage Band

Gympie Music Muster Prize:
2 x 4 Day Passes – selected by Oz Bayldon, Music Director of the Gympie Music Muster
– Emmagen Rain
– The Inadequates

Australian National Busking Championshipsâ„¢- Peak Hill NSW Regional Finals


Peak Hill NSW will be hosting the Peak Hill Regional Finals – Australian National Busking Championships™ on Saturday 15 September 2018.

The Australian National Busking Championships™ is an Australia-wide network of music festivals. The ANBC celebrates the rich diversity of Australian music culture. Through out the year, Regional Finals are held in towns all over Australia culminating in the National Grand Final which is held in Cooma NSW on the first weekend of November each year.


Download this additional form for larger groups: GROUP MEMBERS LIST FORM_PEAK HILL 2018

Calling All Buskers:

Thousands of dollars in cash prizes will be up for grabs at Peak Hill Regional Finals. Peak Hill is the one regional towns that have joined the ever-growing network of ANBC busking competitions around Australia. Dates for 2018 so far are:

Links to all these Regional Finals may be found at: https://www.buskingcooma.com/

The Prizes:

There are generous prizes for 3 age categories, Open (Adult), Secondary (High School Age) and Primary (Primary School Age). Plus lots of other awards such as: Peoples Choice Award, Best Band, Country Music, Blues Music, Jazz Music, Classical Music, Folk, Indigenous, Community Based Music, Youth Encouragement, Most Innovative, and Ability Award (for buskers with a disability). Solos, Duos, Groups, Ensembles, Choirs are all welcome. There has even been a prize for non-musical Street Performance such as jugglers, magicians and dancers.

The winners of each of the 3 age categories will qualify for the National Grand Final in Cooma.

About ANBC Cooma 2017


The Australian National Busking Championshipsâ„¢ (ANBC) is now in it’s 6th year. For the first four years the ANBC has been held exclusively in Cooma NSW, the picturesque and historic capital of Australia’s Snowy Mountains. We have thought of these early years as the first stage in the ANBC vision for the future.

The next stage now is to make this event a truly National Championship by holding ANBC Regional Busking Competitions in various regional towns around Australia. The winners from these regional events will be then invited to complete in the National Grand Final back in Cooma in November of each year.

These are our 2017 Regional Busking Competitions so far:

  • Stanthorpe Qld – 25 February
  • Ballarat Vic – 18 March
  • Narooma NSW – 27 May
  • Noosa Qld – 10 June
  • Peak Hill NSW – 23 September

In 2018 we could have as many as seven more regional towns on board.

How Does This Work in Cooma?

  1. The buskers are assigned special locations (Busking Hot Spots), at various times, around the CBD Cooma.
  2. A timetable is given to all the registered buskers.
  3. Roaming judges assess these busking performances during the day.
  4. The Judges produce a short list of the best buskers who are then invited to compete in a Grand Final Concert at 4:00 pm at Centennial Park.
  5. First place winners from the Open, Secondary and Primary age categories from the other ANBC Regional Competitions also qualify for a place a the Grand Final. These first place winners are also welcome to busk during the day as they can earn cash tips and Peoples Choice Award votes.
  6. The prizes are then awarded to the buskers with the most outstanding performances at this Grand Finals Concert.

The People’s Choice Award.

All buskers are encouraged to earn cash tips throughout the competition. 100% of this money made in cash tips is theirs to keep. Buskers may also sell their CDs and other merchandise.100% of this money from these sales will also go to these buskers. So besides the extra dollars that enterprising buskers can make in tips and sales there’s over $10,000 in cash to be won. This $10,000 prize pool is made up of over twenty different categories. Among these generous prizes there’s the Peoples Choice Awards where the public gets to vote for their favourite busker. The Peoples Choice Awards are $2,000 in total.

  1. These prizes are awarded to the buskers that get the most Busker Votes.
  2. The public will be able to purchase Busker Votes for $1 each on the day from the Cooma Rotary Club.
  3. There’s a limit of 50 Busker Votes per customer.
  4. The customer must validate their Busker Votes by writing their name and telephone number on the back of their Busker Votes.
  5. Invalid Busker Votes will not be counted.
  6. The public then can vote for their favorite busker by tipping that busker with Busker Votes.
  7. By the way, all of the Busker Votes will be placed into a Lucky Draw for several great prizes.
  8. The Busker Votes Lucky Draw will be conducted during the Finals Concert at the end of the day after all the Busker Votes have been counted.
  9. So the public can share in the fun of the Grand Final Concert by also having a chance at winning prizes.

All The Prizes:

  • Competitors must be at the Grand Final Concert to win a prize.
  • In the Age Categories (Open/Secondary/Primary) competitors must be ready to perform on stage.
  • If deemed necessary the judges may decide to award extra places in the Age Categories. Suitable cash amounts will be allocated to these extra places.

Open Age Category

  • $2,000 – First Place (Open Champion)
  • $1,000 – Second Place
  • $500 – Third Place

Secondary Age Category

  • $500 – First Place (Secondary Champion)
  • $300 – Second Place
  • $200 – Third Place

Primary Age Category

  • $300 – First Place (Primary Champion)
  • $200 – Second Place
  • $100 – Third Place

Best Band – $1,000

Best School Group – $1,000

Peoples Choice Awards

  • $1,000 – First Place
  • $700 – Second Place
  • $300 – Third Place

Special Judges Awards.

$200 each - These are awards that, where appropriate, recognize and encourage the abilities of some buskers in various categories and with a variety of skills. In the past, we have awarded Special Judges Awards for:

  • Indigenous
  • Ability (for buskers with a disability)
  • Multicultural
  • Family
  • Country/Bluegrass
  • Blues
  • Jazz
  • Classical
  • Folk
  • Community Based Music
  • Youth Encouragement

Important Links:

our aims 001


ANBC Cooma 2017-We’re Looking For Sponsors

Here’s the details: ANBC 2017 Sponsorship prospectus_COOMA

How would you like to become part of this exciting event right here in Cooma?

2017 has been our year of expansion.

The Australian National Busking Championshipsâ„¢ now have ANBC competitions in six towns around Australia: Stanthorpe and Noosa in Queensland, Ballarat in Victoria, Narooma, Peak Hill and Cooma in NSW. The Cooma Championships will be the culmination of all these regional busking competitions.

We will be hosting the ANBC National Grand Final!

ANBC 2017 Sponsorship cooma cover page-page-001


ANBC Stanthorpe 2016 – Video

Here some video footage that I took in Stanthorpe QLD during the Australian National Busking Championships™  South East Queensland Regional Finals 2016.  I apologize about the quality of the videos but I did take them literally “on the run”.

Australian National Busking Championshipsâ„¢- South East Queensland Regional Finals – Stanthorpe

Why am I so passionate about Australian National Busking Championshipsâ„¢
ANBC strives to reflect the wonderful diversity of music in our community. And it does this in an inclusive way.
All ages, life all genres, try all levels of skill, professionals and amateurs, solos, groups, people with disabilities, indigenous, multicultural.
This is why I’m so passionate about this project because it’s about all sorts of people playing and sharing their music in the community.

Here’s the results for ANBC 2015:

Prizes & Winners 2015

This years ANBC will be in Cooma on Saturday 5th November 2016. This event will include the Grand Finals for the whole of Australia.

Josh MaynardStanthorpe Queensland has been selected as the first township to host an Australian National Busking Championshipsâ„¢ (ANBC) Regional Finals.

ANBC Stanthorpe will be held on Saturday 27th February 2016 and during this event Stanthorpe will be the “Busking Capital” for the whole of the South East Queensland Region.

Winners from ANBC Stanthorpe will qualify to compete in the Grand Finals to be held in Cooma on 5th November 2016

ANBC Stanthorpe will be held in conjunction with the fabulous Stanthorpe Apple and Grape Harvest Festival.
– A festival within a festival!

1000_Mike_Martin_Australian National Busking Champion 2012Mike_MartinPRIZES

Over $5, abortion
000 in cash to be won!

  • Open (Adult) Section: $1, sickness
    000 – Open Champion, $300 – Second Place, $200 – Third Place
  • People’s Choice Award - $700 – Winner, $200 – Second Place, $100 – Third Place
  • Best Band Award ( for bands/groups of 3 or more) - $500 – Winner
  • Primary Section (for primary school students)- $300 – Winner, $200 – Second Place, $100 – Third Place
  • Secondary Section (for high school students)- $500 – Winner, $200 – Second Place, $100 – Third Place
  • Special Judges Awards - $200.00 - Special Award/s


After winning Open Champion at the Australian National Busking Championshipsâ„¢ Guyy (AKA Guy Lilleyman) lifted his profile and he was offered a tour of South Africa.

Check out Guyy: http://www.guyylilleyman.com/guyy
For more information and Entry Forms contact Neil (Casey) O’Connor, Stanthorpe Rotary Club
– Email: wickets-stpe@bigpond.com

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