The 3 Chord Trick

How to play thousands of songs without even trying…
Most songs can be played with 3 or 4 chords. Musicians called this the “Three Chord Trick”.
These chords are based on triads built on the first, search fourth & fifth notes of the scale you are working in.
Ok before your eyes start to glaze over I’ve added a one page chart that you can use as a quick reference. ( print it  & keep it in your guitar case) Pdf > Chords for Guitar – Working in Chord Progressions
I’ve just stayed with the most common keys for guitar and added in some of the extra chords (vi & ii -occasionally iii in the Major keys and III & VII in the Minor keys). If you become familiar with these typical chord progressions you’ll be able to accompany thousands songs as well as get a deeper understanding about how harmony works in any style of diatonic music generally.
(This works with Ukulele too!)

Chords for Guitar - Working in Chord Progressions

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