A Huge Success_The Australian National Busking Championships 2013

This year’s event was awesome! Bigger and better than last year! We had almost 100 musicians performing at 22 diferent venues. In total , illness the buskers performed over 300 half hour sets over the 2 days. That’s a lot of music!

Guyy Lilleyman - The Australian National Busking Champion 2013

Guyy Lilleyman – The Australian National Busking Champion 2013

And the Winners are:

1st Open Champion – Guyy Lilleyman
2nd Highly Commended – Ben Warner & Vince Leong
3rd Commended – Matt Charlesworth

1st Secondary Champion – Vendulka Wichta
2nd Secondary Highly Commended – A Tie!
Sybling Rivalry & The Browne Sisters
3rd Commended – Olivia Cakarun

1st Primary Champion – Jark Hermans
2nd Primary Highly Commended – Callum McPhie
3rd Primary Commended – Brademann Brothers

Peoples Choice Award – Vendulka Wichta

Special Music Awards –

  • Country Music Award: Roger McCullough
  • Multicultural Award: Numeralla Fingerplunkers
  • Classical Music Award: Stypa Quartet
  • Special Judges Award: Mark Davis
Vendulka Wichta - Australian National Busking Secondary Champion 213. And Peoples Choice Award

Vendulka Wichta – Australian National Busking Secondary Champion 213. And Peoples Choice Award

Congratulations to all!
Thank you judges for a job well done and for giving up your weekend for this event.
Thank you Donna Smith and all the wonderful people at the Cooma Visitors Centre
A HUGE thanks to all the wonderful buskers.
Plus a Special Thanks to All our generous sponsors:
Alpine Hotel
The Tourist Cafe
Roses Lebanese Restaurant
Cooma Family Dental
Chelsea Coffee Lounge
South East Arts
Snowy Monaro Arts Council
Eucumbene Trout Farm
McDonalds Family Restaurant
Bombala Street Surgery
Sharp Street Surgery
And of course a Big Thank you to all our Busker Hosts & Venues:
McDonald’s Family Restaurant, Cooma Monaro Railway, Cathy’s Lolly Shack, Cooma Cafe, Tourist Cafe, 40Cafe, Mainstreet, Snowy Camping World, Pizza House & Food Factory, PD Murphy Cafe, Chelsea Coffee Loung, Kettle & Seed, Moontree Health Foods, Roses Lebanese Restaurant, Alpine Hotel, The Lott Foodstore, Monaro Stitches Quilt & Craft Fair, Cooma Motorfest, Honda Snowy Ride, St Patricks Bazaar Fair, A Feast of Poetry and Cooma Visitors Centre.

Here’s a Youtube video of Guyy Lilleyman, Australian National Busking Champion 2013

Here’s a Photo Gallery of the weekend. For more photos and comments go to:


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