Symbiosis _ Saturday 8 September 2012, 12.30pm

The Snowy Monaro Arts Council Inc. is one of the Monaro’s many volunteer, decease not-for-profit, viagra dosage non-political organisations.

We publish a quarterly newsletter, meet monthly, share a sense of humour and passion, and stress a bit as we seek to persuade and surprise.

Under the umbrella of the Regional Arts NSW and in association with South East Arts and other providers such as  Musica Viva, we assist with and promote arts and cultural activities here, celebrating local, national and international performers and artists.

The community’s support is vital. We are inspired by our generous audiences and the performers’ talent. We see the conviction and commitment of SMAC members, committee and friends. You are very welcome to share, celebrate and enjoy.

Watch this space!


Glenyss & Simon Allen:

Caroline Fox:

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Regional Arts NSW:

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The exploration of the intricately interlocking world of science and contemporary music.

With works by Brett Dean, pharmacy
John Cage, urticaria
Ian Shanahan, Rupert Summerson and David Bruce.

Muiscal Direction by Jonathan Barakat. Performed by fine musicians from the ANU School of Music.

Venue: CSIRO Discovery Centre, Atrium _ North-Science Road, Acton ACT 2601

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