Update-Music Festival Snowy Mountains Christian School

Title: Music at the Bowling Club
Location: Cooma Bowling Club
Description: Open mic afternoon to raise money for Cooma Hospital. Contact:Elaine Schofields 6452 5925
Date: 2009-10-08
SMCS MUSIC FESTIVALParticipating Bands/Groups/Choirs.

1.  Canberra Concerto Orchestra Concert Band

2.  St. Francis Xavier College – A.C.T.

3.  Cooma District Band

4.  Salvation Army, web

5.  Snowy Mountains Grammar School, drugs

6.  Queanbeyan High School

7.  Snowy Mountains Christian School Concert Band

8.  Eden Marine High School

9.  Heartsong Choir – Bega

10. Harmony Chorus – Cooma

There will be many individuals attending as well, physiotherapy
as players or singers, mostly secondary school age, university or more advanced in ‘life’s experience’.

Sectional Rehearsal Groups – BAND

GROUP                                                TEACHER

1.  Flute                                               Liz Mitchell (A.C.T.)

2.  Clarinet                                          Judith Marriott (Cooma)

3.  Saxaphone                                      Bryan Hooley (Murrumbateman)

4.  Trumpet                                         Helen Gill (Candelo)

5.  French Horn                                   Ron Bennett (A.C.T.)

6.  Trombone                                      Michael Bailey (A.C.T.)

7.  Low Brass                                       Chris Wall (Cooma)

8.  Percussion                                      Veronica Walshaw (A.C.T.)

Combined Choir Conductor/Clinician – Rodney Clancy (A.C.T.)

“Heartsong” – Geoff Badger (Bega)

Harmony Chorus – Leslie Spencer (Cooma)

Accompanist  -  Carol Wagner (Jindabyne)

Concert Band Sectionals and the Choir Workshops will run at Snowy Mountains Christian School, Cnr Boona & Baroons Sts, Cooma (opposite Snowy Hydro in Mittagang Rd.)

Phone 6452 4333.  Fax:  6452 4300.

  • All Band and Choir participants should arrive at SMCS by 9.30am for the Welcome and introductions.
  • The P & FF Committee has prepared a menu for the day. Prices are listed.
  • All participants are asked to pay $10 as they arrive.  This money will help cover the cost of professional tutors. Name labels will also be provided on arrival.
  • The Combined Band items are:

1.  Title theme to Chicken Run

2.  Fiddler on the Roof – Medley

Parts are available by contacting me, Phil Horneman on 0401 624 138 or at night on 6452 1255.

  • No preparation is necessary for the Choir activity.

A Special Request: Could all band/choir directors let me know by fax, phone or email:

  • Instruments – how many of each type, e.g. flutes, Clarinet, Trumpet, Trombone, Tuba, Sax’s, Percussion, etc.
  • Voices – how many of each voice type, Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass.

This information will help the tutors to prepare for the day.


9.30am            Welcome to SMCS

10.00am          Sectional Rehearsal No. 1. / Choir Workshop 1

11.00am          Break

11.20am          Sectional Rehearsal No. 2 / Choir Workshop 2

12.00noon       Lunch

1.00pm           Combined Item Rehearsal / Combined Choir Rehearsal, both at SMCS

2.00pm           Concert Part 1

2 – 3 items from individual Band groups or Sectional Ensembles, the

massed band items, and Choir items.

3.15pm            Afternoon Tea

3.45pm            Concert Part 2

Sectional Teachers will be prepared with one or two easy arrangements for each group, e.g. Flute Choir.  Some time may be used for the combined Band parts, but the bulk of the time will be used to prepare a performance for the afternoon concert.


(This Program will be adapted if necessary)

2.00pm            Part 1

Instrumental Groups x 2-3

Harmony Chorus

Instrumental Groups x 2-3

Heartsong Choir


Combined Choir Item

3.15pm            Afternoon Tea

3.40pm            Part 2


Canberra Concerto Orchestra CB.

St Francis Xavier CB.

Combined CB Items

4.30pm            Finale & Tidy up.


SPECIAL REQUEST 1  The SMCS music festival will be a UNIFORM DAY.  That is, all school bands/groups should attend in school uniforms.  All Community Bands/Groups are asked to perform in their usual performance attire, but are welcome to wear neat casual attire during the day.   (Classrooms can be used as change rooms if required).  The Concert is open to the public and I would like us to look our best on stage.

SPECIAL REQUEST 2  Could all Concert Band musicians be sure to bring:

1. Music stands

2. Instrument(s)

3. Combined Item music

4. Performance music.

5. School uniforms or concert dress.

A photocopier will be available early in the day for emergencies.  Both Rodney Clancy and myself have original copies of the Combined band charts.

Just a reminder there will be a canteen on the day with BBQ and healthy food!

Thank you again for your participation.

Yours sincerely,

Phil Horneman

Email:  phil.horneman@smcs.nsw.edu.au Phone:  0401 624 138   6452 1255

Phone SMCS:  6452 4333,   Fax:  6452 4300.

P.S. Activities at the Festival will be recorded on camera and video, interviews may also take place in the breaks.  The aim will be to present an article to the Journal of the Music Council of Australia – MUSIC FORUM.

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