Matt Charlesworth Now Teaching Guitar, Vocals & Bass in Cooma

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All the way from the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, singer-songwriter Matt Charlesworth has moved to Cooma.

Matt began playing guitar at 14 years of age. The sudden interest in playing guitar became a great passion for all things musical. This led Matt to pursue music to the tertiary level. In 2008 Matt completed his music degree at Box Hill Institute.

In 2009 Matt went on to record his debut album, “For the Journey”, released on iTunes in 2010 (Also available at Cooma School of Music and Monaro Books). In the same year Matt took up the position of Music Coordinator at Somerville Secondary College. He initiated a music program that grew to 50 students within one year.

At the beginning of 2010 Matt and his wife Sarah packed up everything to go out on the road. They spent 9 months on the road travelling around Victoria and NSW, Matt sharing his music at every opportunity.

In October they moved to Cooma so Matt could take up the position of Chaplain at Monaro High School and Cooma Public School. Matt has also initiated a music program at Numerella Public School. Now settled into Cooma Matt is looking forward to the opportunity to become involved with the music scene in the Cooma area.

Matt has been teaching music almost as long as he has been playing. His lessons are undertaken with the same degree of passion as his on stage performing.

Matt Charlesworth's debut CD "For The Journey"

Matt Charlesworth's debut CD "For The Journey"

Matt Charlesworth

Lessons will be in Guitar, Bass and Vocals

Initially Matt will only be teaching one night a week so positions are limited

Contact: Allan

Cooma School of Music

Shop 2, Parkview Arcade, 123 Sharp Street,
Cooma, NSW 2630
Phone: 02 6452 6067
Fax: 02 6452 4938

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