Alhambra Classical Guitars – Made in Spain

Alhambra Guitars Made in Spain

Alhambra Guitars Made in Spain

We have the Alhambra guitars from Spain.  So you can  pick up a quality hand made Spanish guitar for a great price. All Alhambra are made in Spain and have solid wood tops. The tops are available in solid cedar or spruce. We try to keep this Alhambra models in stock:

  • Alhambra College  $488
  • Alhambra Zero    $599
  • Alhambra Z CW  $839
  • Alhambra 1C        $799
  • Alhambra 2C       $899
  • Alhambra 3C       $999
  • Alhambra 4P     $1,299
  • Alhambra 4P-50th Anniversary Ziricote    $1,349
  • Alhambra 5P     $1,660
  • Alhambra 7C-50th Anniversary Mahogany    $1,990
  • Alhambra 7C-50th Anniversary Rosewood    $2,290
  • Alhambra 7P    $2,890
  • Alhambra 8P    $3,600
  • Alhambra 9P    $3,900

More concert models are available through special order from $4,000 to $17,000

Also in smaller sizes:

  • Alhambra 1C Requinto 1/2 Size (Solid cedar top)_______$799
  • Alhambra 1C Cadete 3/4 Size (Solid cedar top)_____$799

(We try to have all these models in stock, however this may be subject to availability as all Alhambra guitars are imported from Spain) 


Shop 2, Parkview Arcade, 123 Sharp Street,
Cooma, NSW 2630
PHONE: 02 6452 6067
FAX: 02 6452 4938


Click here to see and hear these lovely guitars.

Alhambra model Z with cutaway and pickup $769

Alhambra model Z with cutaway and pickup $999

Alhambra model Z Natural

Alhambra model Z Natural $599

9 thoughts on “Alhambra Classical Guitars – Made in Spain

  1. Kerry

    Hi I am interested in the Alhambra 1C 3/4 Size (Solid cedar top) $549 for my son. Shipped is to Auckland, NZ. Thanks Kerry

  2. Van Bui

    I am interested in Alhambra hand made Classical guitar, model 8-P with some extra options:
    -640mm scale length, 50mm nut width to suit small hands.
    -radiused fingerboard
    -arm rest.
    Please let me know if you can order one and your quote including shipping to Melbourne, Australia.Thank you

  3. julie

    What is the size for the 1/2 Alhambra and the 3/4 size? We have one Alhambra and am not sure what size it is but we need another smaller one for my other child.

  4. Arlyn Owens

    I’m in the market for a new classical, and I’m leaning towards the Alhambras. I’ve tried a 7P, and Loved it. But, I’m really interested in trying out an Alhambra 8P and 9P. Do you have any /or ever plan on getting them in?
    If you do, I’d be very interested in coming to try them out.
    I am close to purchasing, but I really want to try these ones out before i make any decisions.

    Many thanks,

  5. Daniel Smyth

    Hi Allan, I have an Alhambra Zero Natural unfortunately one of the machine head cylinders is slipping (the guitar has had a rough life). I want to replace the machine heads with an Alhambra set. I’ve seen them on their website but don’t know where to order them from. Do you happen to have them / or can you get them? I’m in Canberra. Many thanks.

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