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Alhambra Model Zero – A Great Student Guitar


The luthiers at the premier Spanish guitar making workshop,  Alhambra, website have just come out with a new student model classical guitar, the model zero.

Alhambra model zero. Made in Spain for just $399

Alhambra model zero. Made in Spain for just $499

This is a lovely matte finished full-sized classical guitar with a solid cedar top. It retails for the amazing price of just $499!

The previous entry point guitar in the Alhambra range was its glossy brother, the model 1C which retails for $699. That’s $200 more than the new model zero.

This new model zero is an amazing guitar for the price. It has a beautiful solid cedar top which gives it a full deep rich bass and a warm sustaining treble, plus there’s heaps of volume.

How can they do it for the price? Maybe they saved on the no-frills matte finish. Probably, but what a guitar! Made in Spain for $499. This is really going to upset the Chinese. The Spanish guitar makers are fighting back!


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Classic Spanish Guitar Showcase

José María Vilaplana Excellence

José María Vilaplana Excellence

Where: Wesley Music Centre, click 20 National Circuit Forrest ACT

When: Sunday 14 March 2010, web 2.00 pm to 5.30 pm

Link out:Click here

Pierre Herrero has been importing quality Spanish Classical & Flamenco guitars into Australia for many years. Pierre has also been an ardent supporter of the classical guitar in Australia. Among many other activities, he has sponsored the Sydney Classical Society Summer School and the Melbourne based Alhambra Sadie Awards.

On Sunday 14 March, Pierre will be showcasing in an informal setting, a wonderful range of guitars for the members of the Canberra Classical Guitar Society, guitar students and  teachers as well as the general public.

The Guitars:

Pierre will be presenting a range of guitars that include the Spanish made Alhambra guitars. These will include:

  • Student Classical Guitars from $599 to $1,000 (including 1/2 size Requinto & 3/4 Cadet models)
  • Intermediate Classical Guitars from $1,000 to $2,000
  • Concert Artist Classical Guitars from $4,000 to $12,000 (including the Villaplana models)
  • Alhambra new “Professional” range with amplification options
  • Alhambra Flamenco Guitars

Pierre will be also hoping to  have a range of quality Vintage and Pre-loved guitars. These much sought-after gems may include makers such as Ramirez (1974), Conde Hermanos Medialuna Blanca, Dan Kellaway, Kim Lissarrague, and Richard Howell.


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