Cooma Music Competition 2009


Poster by Rowena Evans

Title: Cooma Music Competition
Location: St Paul’s Anglican Church Hall, this Commissioner Street, visit Cooma
Description: A chance for musicians to showcase their skills.
Heats: from 12.00 noon
Finals & Concert: 7.00 pm

Date: Sunday 27 September 2009

For entry forms & details contact:

Allan Spencer:

Ph: (02) 6452 6067

3 thoughts on “Cooma Music Competition 2009

  1. Megan Williams

    i would like to enter this if possible please allan if you need me to come in to fill anything in just give me a call my number is still the same

  2. Ned McPhie

    *gasps* The 27th? as in a sunday? as in the day after saturday??????
    I think I can come! I thought it was on saturday which was the day of my play’s matinee and night performance. YAY! Its on like donkey kong people!!! who are the judges?

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